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Bhutan - The Heart of the Himalayas.

Bhutan is a Kingdom that respects and protects it’s nature at the cost of rapid modernization, and measures it’s success by the happiness of it’s people. Happiness is a Place and that is BHUTAN

“Actively seeking out opportunities to serve the world”…Learn More

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Do you know ? in Bhutan women inherit the family property ! Bhutanese Society has always been very liberal when it comes to respect and rights of a woman

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Bhutan Jewel Travel is Bhutan’s first Local Medical Tourism Provider.This happened when Guests to Bhutan saw that Bhutan had alternate treatments

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In Bhutan, practically every district celebrates a festival at different times of the year.

Wedding Planner in Bhutan

Plan your wedding in Bhutan. A sacred ceremony performed as per the Bhutanese Traditions

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Adventure Activities are all with consideration to its impact on the Natural Environment. Healthy and Fun


Trekking Routes in Bhutan are never crowded

Bhutanese Culture is rich and vibrant and still prevalent at every corner of Bhutan.

Some of the most challenging competitions are held in Bhutan.The Snowman Race, One Day Tour of the Dragon 252 Km cycling …

Drugyel Dzong - Victory Fortress in Paro

With the opening up of Bhutan for visitors on 23rd September 2022, the Tourism Policy of Bhutan now permits visitors to stay longer in Bhutan.

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Bhutan Travel Visa cannot be applied nor issued from any where else but from Bhutan.

Important Information that Travelers need to know when planning a trip to Bhutan. 

Bhutan STANDARD and LUXURY Tour Prices range according to the Services offered to the Clients.

Bhutan Travel Tips and Advice to help Travelers prepare for their time in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Bhutan has only two airlines both are Bhutan owned and operated by Bhutanese. No Other country planes fly in Bhutan

Bhutan celebrates, RELIGIOUS, CULTURAL and SPECIAL Events festival where the locals come together. 

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Travel to Bhutan? Where is Bhutan? and Why Travel to Bhutan? The latter two questions are frequently asked by Tourists when they decide on visiting Bhutan.

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Bhutan has Four distinct regions of Western,Central,Eastern and Southern, each with its own dialect and social identity. Every region has its own charm and incomparable hospitality to offer to all its guests

Traveling in Bhutan will take you through a time lapsed path that is only unique to Bhutan. Bhutan is a pit stop to rejuvenate and refuel your life. No other place can offer such a magical effect on you.