Bhutan Jewel Travel

Bhutan Jewel Travel - Company Philosophy

Bhutan Jewel Travel Company’s Philosophy.
Actively seeking out opportunities to serve the world
As a company we desire to offer the world much more than what we receive from it.
We add value to our clients lives, by playing a pivotal role in helping them rediscover the very best in themselves, through the many unique experiences in Bhutan.
40% percent of our net profit is committed to our future selfless project titled “Antifragile Temple” a sacred place where we intend to nurture and build the minds and bodies of the youth most in need. It’s the brainchild of Mr Bhutan. Health and Happiness Disciple. Co-owner of this company.
Bhutan Jewel Travel is a legally registered Tour and Trek operator in the Kingdom of Bhutan, which began operating in Year 2009.
This company is owned by a brother and sister, dedicated to make every guests experience in Bhutan a personalized memorable trip.

Mr.Bhutan, Co Owner of Bhutan Jewel Travel