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Popular Sites to Visit in Thimphu

Thimphu is the capital city, therefore the most populated district in the country, with about 1,00,000 people. Many of the monasteries, temples and handicrafts, can be reached on foot, you can spend several days in Thimphu easily visiting all sights. This is a good way to understand the culture, traditions and see the lifestyle of the Bhutanese Societies.

  • Tashichho Dzong, the main secretariat building. This massive structure houses part of the government Ministries, the office of the King and the Throne Room. It also houses the Central Monastic Body and the living quarters of the Chief Abbot and the senior monks.
  • Textile Museum you will see a beautiful display of the garments worn by the Bhutanese from the 1600s up to the present.
  • Folk Heritage Museum lets you explore a traditional Bhutanese home and teaches you about the daily life of the rural folk.
  • The National Library holds a vast collection of ancient Buddhist manuscripts and contains arguably the best collection of religious and historical literature in the Himalayas.
  • Wood Craft and Painting school where traditional arts and crafts are still kept alive through the instructions of painting and curving.
  • Simtokha Dzong on a lofty ridge. Built in 1627, the Simtokha Dzong is the oldest fortress and also houses the School of Buddhist Studies.
  • The TAKIN Reserve : the National Animal of Bhutan is the TAKIN. It is a legentary animal and is said to have the head of a Goat and the body of a cow.
  • Memorial Stupa : This stupa situated in the heart of Thimphu is a memorial built for the Third King of Bhutan. It is the most visited site due to its easy accessibility.
  • Buddha Dordenma : The site of the tallest sitting Buddha in the world at 200.6 feet height. Stores 1,00,000 pieces of 8 inchs tall Buddha inside this BIG Buddha and another 25,000 pieces of 12 Inches Buddha in the meditation hall which again is inside this BIG Buddha. This statue overlooks the Thimphu Valley.
  • Private Weaving Centers  : There is a few traditional textile weaving centers in Thimphu which doubles up as a Handicrafts shop too.
  • Changangkha Lhakhang : Temple overlooking the Thimphu city. Can visit this ancient temple and enjoy the scenic beauty from above.
  • Talakha Lhakhang : Over looks the Thimphu Valley from another direction where the Thimphu city and the Buddha Dordenma Statue can be seen from a birds eye view.
  • Local Crafts Bazaar : All authentic products of Bhutan are sold here.
  • Bhutan Post Office : This is a rare opportunity to have your own photo stamp made which can be used to send post cards or letters from Bhutan to anyone you wish to post it to.
  • Changlimithang Archery Ground: – Just down from changlimithang stadium you will find arrows flying. Where teams compete to hit target over a distance while competitor’s comments and sing to miss shot on a target.
  • Jungshi Handmade Paper Factory: – It is located approximately 1km from Thimphu City. The factory uses the bark of Daphne tree and Dhekap tree in the manufacture of traditional paper and visitors can observe the process of producing handmade paper using ancient traditional methods.
  • Dechenphodrang Monastery: – It is located at North of City. Dechen Phodrang means “Palace of a Great Bliss” is a Buddhist monastery in Thimphu. In 1971 its became Monastic school and currently it has around 450 student monks.
  • National Institute of Traditional Medicine: – The institute is located just above Ministry of Health supplying Traditional Medicines and providing medical service to the people. The institute trains doctors and conducts research on medicinal plants and Develop New Medicines.
  • Simply Bhutan Heritage Museum: – It’s a Museum that gives you a quick introduction of traditional life of Bhutan. Tourist are greeted with shot of local Arra (local Wine) before guided through village scene. They can enjoy listening to a folk song, try Traditional dresses and try out archery
  • Pangri Zampa: – The monastery is located in North of Thimphu and was founded in 16th century by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel. The monastery is now a College of Bhutanese Astrology (oldest monasteries in Bhutan) and the monastery is responsible for issuing Bhutanese calendar but also deciding important National events and Royal Weddings. Tourists visit this monastery for astrological predictions and readings
  • Zilukha Nunnery: – The Nunnery is located in Zilukha overlooking TashiChho Dzong & Golf Course and it is popularly known as Druthob Gompa. Currently nunnery is a home to 60 nuns in its premises.
  • Tashigang Goenpa: – The Goenpa is located at the height of 3566 meters and can be accessed from Yoedselpang and Hontsho. The structure was built by 12th Je khenpo Kuenga Gyatsho, in 1768.
  • KAJA Throm, The weekend Farmers market is a must, for it is here that you’ll see the variety of food of the country, including basket upon basket of fiery chilies, fresh cheese, and mangoes and the seasonal vegetables eaten by the Bhutanese,including various types of Orchids and Ferns.  In addition, many stalls contain Bhutanese handicrafts and Incense. It’s fun to meander the aisles, taking in the lively atmosphere of the market.

There are many attractions in and around Thimphu Valley, including, monasteries, a mini zoo, archery fields, restaurants, handicraft shops, a traditional paper factory, a radio tower BBS (which will give you a spectacular birds eye view of Thimphu valley).

Excursions / Hiking In THIMPHU

  • Tango and Cheri Goempa
  • Phajoding Goempa
  • Tandin Nye
  • Motithang Takin Preserve
  • Coronation Park
  • Ludrong Memorial Garden
  • Dochula Pass
  • Royal Botanical Garden
  • Wangdi Tse Hike
  • Lungtsutse Lhakhang above Dochula
  • Chhorkortse
  • Thada Goempa (Above Simtokha)
  • Talakha Temple
  • Royal Botanical Park at Lamperi
  • Dodeydra Monastry
  • Tshaluna Nye
  • Tandin Nye
  • Sangaygang View Point
  • Visit to a beautiful riverside at Begana

Adventure / Sports and Other Activities In THIMPHU

  • Cycling trail Depsi to Kuenselphodrang
  • Cycling trail Kuenselphodrang to Changangkha Lhakhang
  • Motor Biking

Thimphu Festival

  • Thimphu Dromchoe
  • Thimphu Tshechu
  • Jhomolhari Mountain Festival
  • Druk Wangyel Tshechu: – This Festival is unique event performed by the Royal Bhutan Army rather than the monks. It was established back in 2011 in commemoration of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo and Armed Force Victory over the insurgent force residing in Southern Bhutan in 2003. Its observed at Dochula, Thimphu.
  • Annual Mushroom Festival
  • Rhododendron Festival