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Wedding in Bhutan

Bhutanese Traditional Marriages and Weddings. Many are now traveling to Bhutan to have their marriage ceremonies done in the Bhutanese way. People tend to prefer marrying in Bhutan due to the peace here and the fact that Bhutanese still follow a very strong traditional way of life and same goes for a very traditional Bhutanese wedding ceremony.

For people who want to marry and have a wedding in Bhutan, it will be a very unique and sacred experience.

For our Guests, we arrange the Marriages and Wedding Ceremonies strictly as per the Bhutanese Traditions. If you wish to marry in Bhutan,we will be the host taking care of the entire ceremony and ritual. Do contact us and let us know about your request and information on whether, the ceremony will be a “Private One” with just the Bride and Groom, or will there be others partaking in this joyous occasion, this will help us arrange your Marriage Ceremony perfectly.

For the Marriage Ceremonies do note the followings:

1. Inform us at least 2 months in advance, as in Bhutan, marriage ceremonies are performed on auspicious days as per the Bhutanese calendar.

2. The below is the sequence of how a Marriage ceremony will be performed in Bhutan as per our tradition and culture:

A Bhutanese Marriage and Wedding ceremony is a sacred tie between a man and a woman or same sex mates and God is witness to it, that’s why we always have a lot of prayer ceremony to make this life’s bond of happiness together, as sacred and binding in the presence of spiritual beings.


The Marriage ceremony begins early on the chosen auspicious day, with the monks chanting the holy words or mantras while burning incense and making offerings to the local deities. The local deities play an important part in most of Bhutanese ceremonies as first and foremost we must seek the approval of the local deities to use their space and so we must appease them with the chanting of mantras and make the traditional offerings.

It is believed that if the local deities are appeased, then the ceremony performed is successful and the deities will brings happiness, prosperity and good health to the people seeking their blessings.

Butter Lamp

Butter lamps are lit to light up the house of Gods (in Bhutan the Temples and monasteries) and indirectly lighting up ones’ own life.

You have to prostate 6 times. 3 times at the Head Lama or Rimpoche and 3 times at the main alter, after which the butter lamps are lit.


The monks and the Head lama will perform the Thrisor, which is done to purify and cleanse our body, speech, the mind and more importantly the soul.


Changphoed means, offering of locally brewed alcohol to the Gods and deities, and after the offering, the Bride and Groom are given the remaining brew from the same bowl. This symbolizes the bond of sharing your lives together forever. After this, the weddings rings are exchanged.

Tsephamey Choko

Tshephamey is the God of longevity. Tshephamey Choko is a ritual for a long life and happy married life ahead. The Bride and Groom are blessed by the Head lama.

Zhugdrey Phunsum Tshogpa

Food and fruits are served during this ceremony which is first offered to the local deities, then the Gods and then to all people gathered at the ceremony. This fruits and food should not be wasted nor refused. Thus take a little but do not waste any food.

Dhar Naynga

This is the last part of the wedding ceremony, whereby a five colored scarves are offered to the Bride and Groom, and these colorful scarves are given along with Good Wishes for an everlasting happy and prosperous married life.

Thereafter, your family and friends and guests to your marriage ceremony can put the scarves on you both as a wedding good luck and best wishes.

NOTE: During the ceremony, both Bride and Groom should wear the Bhutanese traditional costumes so that the ceremony is completely Bhutanese and shows respect for this sacred ceremony. The Bride will wear the full length Kira and the Groom will wear the Gho. These costumes can be bought in Bhutan and can be taken back home with you as a sacred souvenir from Bhutan.