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Bhutanese Culture is very strong and its a way of life in Bhutan. Children still live with their parents irrespective of their age and independent income. The family and friends gathering and community celebrations are given immense priority.

In times of sickness and death,the whole community come together and lend a helping hand and financially.

In Bhutan, the cremation rites are performed free of cost by the Central Monastic Body so that no one is left out due to financial constraints.

Bhutan’s festivals are a celebration for the local community and showcases the harmony among the Bhutanese people.

There are no beggars in Bhutan, because we take care each other and when one sees an old man or someone lying sick,its only natural that we help them.

We share our new harvests with family and friends and make offering to the monastic schools so all enjoy the fresh fruits, vegetables and red rice.

I think this community-ship tends to rub off on the tourists as one will notice that tourists are always smiling at the Bhutanese people, maybe its the case of “one gets back what one sows.”