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Trekking in Bhutan

Easy, Moderate and Hard Level Trekking Routes. Which ever route you choose, tranquility and peace is what you’ll find in Bhutan. Sometimes you need to cut yourself off from the familiar world to find clarity in your life

Happiness is Trekking in Bhutan

  • Unwind at a yak herder’s camp with hot butter tea
  • Wade through fresh mountain creeks
  • Experience the medieval ambiance of nomad lifestyles
  • Embark on the trails of Himalayan trek routes
  • Traverse the trails of wild blossoms
  • Earn a reward of breathtaking landscapes
  • Challenge yourself on the Snowman Trek
  • Find Happiness by having a meal by a river side
  • Reach the laps of the glacial lakes
  • Awake your senses to the chill winds and the wildness of the mountain Fauna
  • Sleep in tents listening to nature in all its form
  • Enjoy the freshly cooked meals
Jumolhari Trek

Easy Level Treks does not means that its a cake walk, it does require good stamina and a love for Hiking.

Jumolhari Trek

Bhutan’s Moderate level trek means the Trek difficulty level is moderate where the trekking routes are more easy and ardent passionate trekkers can do these treks.

Jumolhari Trek

Bhutan’s Hard Level Treks are for trekkers who are seasoned and have very high level of endurance so that they can endure the challenging trek route and finish the trek package.

Jumolhari Trek

Trekkers to Bhutan can safely assume that the Best Season to trek in Bhutan is any months in a year except for the Monsoon season spanning during the Months of July and August.