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Hard Level Treks

Bhutan’s Hard Level Treks are for the seasoned trekkers or ones with a very high level of endurance as these trek routes are challenging.

It is advised to book these treks in advance so that proper preparation can be made for the route. Hard level treks are mentally and physically challenging


Traversing through the foothills of snow capped mountains to remote district of Lunana, snow leopard territory, this is the most famous and also the most difficult trek in Bhutan.

Trans Bhutan Trail

The full Trans Bhutan Trail Itinerary is for 35 days cutting across 9 Dzongkhags or districts of Bhutan.It is an ancient trail restored after 60 years after it was abandoned.

Bhutan Laya Nomads Trek

This is one of the best and most popular cultural treks. It goes past many temples and monasteries and covers some of the same ground as the more difficult and more famous Snowman Trek.

Dagala thousand lake Trek Bhutan Jewel Travel

The Dagala mountain range, near our capital and largest city, Thimphu, divides the two famous valleys of Thimphu and Wangdue. This is a short, moderate hike but it has some long steep climbs, and the highest pass is 4500 meters / 14760ft.