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Moderate Level Treks

Bhutan’s Moderate level trek means the Trek difficulty level is moderate where the trekking routes are not extreme and ardent passionate trekkers can do these treks.

You don’t need to have prior experience in trekking. Anyone with determination and love for intact nature and environment can do these treks,or someone who wants to explore Bhutan’s natural beauty can do it too. However, you must acclimatize and have some regular activity to stimulate your body for these Treks.

Please Book much in advance as we need time to prepare and make all arrangements for a comfortable and enjoyable trek adventure.

Omba Nye Bhutan East Trek

The new route, Far-Out East Bhutan, has been developed in an effort to also promote Trashi Yangtse which is an exotic tourism destination not visited by many tourists to Bhutan.


Mount Chomolhari is also known by many names like Mount Jhomolhari, Jumolhari or Jomolhari. Its how people write the name out.

Bhutan Most Famous Druk Path Trek

Basically, a low altitude forest trek in the area between Paro and Thimphu.

This is a very scenic trek to one of our natural hot springs which brings the opportunity to see varied flora and fauna including musk deer, blue sheep and even Himalayan bear.

Bhutan Jewel Travel organizes treks to the Merak and Sakteng nomadic communities.