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Women Only Bhutan Tour

Women in Bhutan are privileged and Yes its true that as per our culture, women inherit the family property and men are sent out into their wives family or they stay on their own.

Its a reality that in Bhutan, women never had to fight for their rights, they had no reason to do so as they were treated better if not equally.

Even in modern times, women run the homes, the businesses and as a tourist, when you travel in Bhutan, you will notice that almost all hotels are run by women.

Women are absolutely safe to travel in Bhutan. We at Bhutan Jewel Travel organize all women tour so that the women the world over can experience whats it like to travel in an all women’s company in exotic Bhutan.

To make you feel better, the founder and CEO of Bhutan Jewel Travel is a women.

So lets enjoy the women power trip to Bhutan. There is so much women can share and learn from one another. Sometimes they can heal each other for who would understand another women than another woman herself.

Come share your time with us, enjoy your happiness, relax your mind, mend your broken soul or even your heart, after all Bhutan is a paradise for spirituality and simplicity yet so open and strong minded in nature.

Women Only Bhutan Tour Itinerary, will include the cultural tour along with fun activities like, hot stone baths, hiking together, having an all women evening time, a night night camping, wearing our women national costume and join in some local festivals, enjoy the company of a local women guide, talk on issues that plague the women all over and how the Bhutanese women deal with their issues, find the difference between the Bhutanese women and women from other parts of the world. AND as the tour moves on, we will jointly come up with activities that might be of interest to you women of the world. Welcome to Bhutan, and LETS KICK OUR INHIBITIONS OUT