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Popular Sites to Visit in Haa Valley

Haa was one of the last places to open up to Tourism in the Western Region of Bhutan,thus it is still remote despite being closer to Bhutan’s capital city Thimphu.

  • Haa Valley village homes – Stay with the Bhutanese locals and enjoy the local hospitality with homemade foods. Do this if you are comfortable in a simple clean rural home with basis toilet facilities. This experience is for people who want to live and enjoy the local farmers hospitality.
  • Chelela Pass – Highest motor able road in Bhutan at 3,988 Meter above Sea level
  • Lhakhang Karpo Sacred Temple ( The white Temple )
  • Lhakhang Nagpo Sacred Temple ( The Black Temple )
  • Damthang View ( a high altitude meadow )
  • Chhundu temple : The temple of the local protecting Deity Ap Chhundu. Until  a decade ago, animals especially Yaks used to be slaughtered and offered to this Deity otherwise doom would fall on the people of Haa. However animal slaughter has been banned now, and other more humane offerings are made.
  • Haa Summer Festival ( Usually takes place in the month of July ) – where the locals come together and celebrate with local foods, games and other activities along with a display and sale of local crafts.

Excursion/ Hiking/ Trekking in the HAA Valley

  • Juneydrag
  • Katsho Goempa
  • Drana Trashidingkhag
  • Yangto Goempa
  • Jamtoe Goempa
  • Shelkardrag
  • Takchu Goempa
  • Haa Goempa
  • Haa to Paro Sagala Trek
  • Nob Tshonapatha Trek – A trek to the Treasure lake

Adventure / Sports and Other Activities In Haa Valley

  • Cycle around in the Haa Valley
  • Motor Biking
  • Haa Summer Festival