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Mongar & Lhuentse

Popular Sites to Visit in Mongar and Lhuntse

Mongar and Lhuntse fall in the Eastern Region of Bhutan.

Mongar is a small own located towards the side of the mountain, and Kurichu (river) has enormous capacity to generate the electricity. Mongar has a modern Dzong compared to other part of the kingdom. Lhuentse is 77 kilometers from Mongar and is one of the most ISOLATED districts in the Kingdom. The landscape is spectacular with desolate cliffs and gorge and dense coniferous forests. The region is notably famous for its weavers and special textiles and fabrics, generally considered to be the best in the country. The Kurtoe region of Lhuentse is also the ancestral home of the Royal Families of Bhutan.

  • KHOMA¬†: The Weavers Village
  • Mongar Dzong
  • Yakhang Lhakhang
  • Drametse Lhakhang
  • Takila Guru Padmasambhava Stupa

Activities In Mongar

  • Birding Site : Beautiful for sighting birds

Sightseeing and Excursion in Lhuntse

  • Lhuntse Dzong
  • Khoma Village (Kishuthara)
  • Takila Guru Site

Excursion/ Trek

  • Singay,Singye Dzong, the Sky Fortress. A Very sacred and holy place that every Bhutanese wish to visit. There are high altitude lakes to explore