Bhutan Travel Visa

Bhutan Travel Tourist Visa Requirements and Fees

Bhutan Visa Fee for Single Entry costs USD 40 Per person just one time payment.

Bhutan Travel Visa CAN NOT be applied nor issued from any where else but from Bhutan. The only way you can get a Tourist Visa is by booking your Travel with a Bhutanese Licensed Tour Operator who will  process your Bhutan Tourist Visa or you can apply on your own online via the Bhutan Immigration website if you have a Hotel Reservation.

Your Bhutan Visa will require several documents which if all are good will then have to be followed up by making the payment for the Bhutan Visa one time Fee of USD$40 per person + SDF ( Sustainable Development Fee) of USD$ 200 per night per person. Both Fees have to be paid up 100% to the Royal Government of Bhutan either directly or through the Bhutanese Tour Operator with whom you booked your Bhutan Travel with.

After the money is received by the Government, your Bhutan Visa is APPROVED and then a copy of your visa is sent vial email attachment to you.

Print out this Bhutan Visa, and on your travel to Bhutan, bring it along with your confirmed air tickets if your are flying into Bhutan, or produce this visa at the entry point if you come via road.

Documents Required For Bhutan Travel Visa :

1. Passports to be valid at least Six Months from the date of departure from Bhutan

2. Travel Insurance. It can be bought in Bhutan too and we have several policies to choose from

3. Recent passport size photo

NOTE : In case Guests test positive for Covid-19 during their stay in Bhutan, they will be required to quarantine in their hotel room until they test Negative. The cost for the additional Quarantine nights and the PCR tests will be borne by the Guests. However the SDF will be waived off during the quarantine period.