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Bhutan 4 Nights and 5 Days

This Tour is for travelers to Bhutan who have limited days to spare for a Bhutan travel, but yet, do not want to rush too much. They want a short leisure time in Bhutan.

These Few days tour will take you visiting places in the western Bhutan Districts of Paro and Thimphu. Paro being the place, where you will land in the only International Airport in Bhutan.These two districts are most visited by tourists to Bhutan, as travel distance is less and many sites to visit, including the Sacred National treasure “The Taktsang Monastery” also known as the “Tigers Nest”

Tour Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive via Air at the Paro International Airport.

Bhutan Paro International Airport

As you enter the Bhutan Air space you will notice the high hills and mountain ranges and can see temples perched on cliffs and hilltops. You can assume your Bhutan Tour begins right away with the thrilling experience of the plan maneuvering between the hills and through the valley until you land. As you disembark from the Plane,you will enjoy the fresh clean air and feel tranquilized maybe…Bhutan Jewel Travel Guide and Driver will meet you at the airport. Check in Hotel and after a meal or snacks,and if time permits,your Guide will start touring you the nearby sites. Night in Paro.

Day 02: After an early breakfast and before the sun comes up, start hike to the World famous Taktsang Monastery.

Bhutan Taktsang Monastery Tigers Nest

The Hike at a leisurely pace takes about 4 to 5 hours up and back down. Tea and snacks will be served half way to the Monastery where along with your tea you can enjoy the view of the Tigers Nest Monastery on the other side. Taktsang Monastery is perched on a cliff of 900 meters and its where the Guru Rimpoche (Guru Padmasambhava) came flying on the back of a tigress. He meditated here and henceforth the Paro valley is believed to have flourished with abundance in food and religion.

There is also a beautiful natural water fall just before you start ascent to the monastery.

Enroute back from this Hike and if you are not too tired then, visit the Kyichu Lhakhang(Temple),one of the oldest temple in the country having ancient wall paintings intact at its entrance. Night in Paro


After breakfast, visit the Taa Dzong(Fortress) now a National Museum (which was a former sentinel and watch tower) and presently houses Bhutan’s rare and cultural artifacts. Taa-Dzong has a maze of secret tunnels and passages exhibiting some rather eccentric materials, like the horse egg. Perched on a hill top, the pleasant surroundings command a 160 degree view of the Paro valley. A short vertical walk down will reach you to  the Rinpung dzong ( Fortress )

Rinpung dzong houses the local monastic body, the offices of the district judiciary and the governor’s administrative offices. Finally a cobbled footpath leads you out, winding down in tricky swerves to the traditional cantilever bridge. It was in this court yard of the Rinpung Dzong and the Bridge where the International Hollywood Movie “Little Buddha” was shot, starring Reanu Reeves.

Evening Depart to Thimphu: Check in Hotel and rest for the night.

Day 04: Thimphu Tour

Thimphu is the Capital City of Bhutan,tiny compared to other Capital metropolis of the world but it beautifully lies in the valley with a river running through. Thimphu has the largest population in Bhutan of about 1,00,000 people ( One million ). Its a bit modern and very traditional compared to the rest of the World’s capital cities.

You can visit the Local Crafts Bazar, Tashichhodzong which houses the Royal Kings Throne,the national textile museum, handicrafts emporium, the National animal Takin reserve, and the local vegetable markets where people from all over Bhutan bring their produce for sale, and if you are here during the summer season then you will see many exotic foods like jungle wild fern, orchids,mushrooms etc. Visit the site of the tallest sitting Buddha.

Buddha Dordenma Statue Thimphu Bhutan

Night Halt in Thimphu.

Day 05: Depart Bhutan from the Paro International airport.

NOTE : This Itinerary could change at the time of travel to Bhutan as we have to take into consideration weekends and other Public Holidays that may clash with your travel dates and sites that might be closed.