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Snow-Man Race

Bhutan’s Snowman Race is the worlds toughest high altitude race with 203 kms of run in 5 days.

This Bhutan Snowman Race is now the World’s Highest Marathon with the highest peak at Gophula which is at an altitude of  5,470 meters above sea level,taking over Nepal’s Highest point of 5,212 in the Everest Marathon, which was until recently certified by the Guinness World Record of being the World’s highest marathon.

13th October 2022 Bhutan held its first Snow man race. This race follows the same route as the Snowman Trek which is of 24 days of hard trekking.

The first Snowman Race had international participants but many could not complete the race due to altitude sickness and acclimatization issues. 

It is highly advised to be well trained and develop a high endurance level or else this Race will be a failure.

If you wish to participate in this Race, we recommend that you plan your trip well ahead, where you keep enough days in Bhutan to acclimatize and do a few warm up race on similar trek routes.