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Thimphu Festival Tour

Thimphu is the Capital City of Bhutan. The festival usually takes place during fall season. It is one of the most attended and witnessed festivals in Bhutan, by the locals and the Tourists alike, mainly because it takes place in the Capital City and secondly people from around, the regions of Paro, Haa and Punakha and Wangdue come to witness this festival.

The Thimphu Festival consists of two parts:

Part I : Thimphu Dromche: This one day of festival showcases the sacred mask dances dedicated to appease the protecting deity of Bhutan, known as Pelden Lhamo.

Kuenga Gyaltshen , the first reincarnation of Jampel Dorji, son of Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, instituted the dance ceremony between 1705 and 1709. Legend has it,that Pelden Lhamo appeared before him and performed the dances while he was in meditation. Based on these dances, Kuenga Gyaltshen initiated the dance ceremony. The first Thimphu Dromche took place in the year 1710. Thus the 2010 Dromche marked the 300th year of celebrating these sacred dances.

Part II : Thimphu Tsechu: This three day festival includes festival dances SHACHAM(Dance of the four stags), PELAGE GINGSUM(Dance of the three kings of Ging), PACHAM(Dance of the Heroes), SHAWO SHACHI(Dance of the Stag and the Hound), DRANYEO CHAM(Dance with Guitar), ZHANA CHAM(The black hat dance), and the PHOLEG MOLEG(Dance of the Noblemen and the Ladies).

Bhutan Jewel Travel has created a 6Nights/7 Days Thimphu Festival Tour. Please note that this tour is just an exemplary tour, thus travelers to Bhutan can either follow this Tour itinerary OR let us know your duration of stay in Bhutan(could be more or less than 6 nights), and we will customize your Bhutan Tour along with the Thimphu Festival accordingly to suit the number of days you are in Bhutan

THIMPHU FESTIVAL Tour- A 6 Nights/7 Days Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive Into Bhutan: Today is your first day in Bhutan and you will fly into the Paro International Airport on an exciting flight with Bhutan’s one of only two National carrier The DRUK AIR. When flying into Bhutan, request for a seat on the left hand side of the Plane. This is because from the left hand side of the plane the view is exciting and beautiful as you see the whole Himalayan Range and the Mountain peaks of Bhutan, like the Jumolhari.

Its another exciting experience when the Plane maneuvers above the Paro Valley and through the Paro Village, to land safely on the run way.

At the Airport, representatives and your personal Guide from Bhutan Jewel Travel will meet you and there after you will be taken care of by the Bhutan Jewel Travel Team.

Drive to Thimphu and check in at Hotel. If time permits,the Guide will take you around for your first exploration of the Thimphu sites

Day 02 and 03 THIMPHU : Witness the Thimphu Festival and do other sight seeing in Thimphu as and when time permits.

Day 04: Thimphu:

As per time in hand, we recommend the following visits :

Morning: Visit the oldest Dzong(Fortress) in Bhutan, The Simtokha Dzong situated about 15-20 minutes drive from the heart of Thimphu. This Dzong was built by the founder of Bhutan,Shabrdung Rimpoche in 1629 AD. It presently houses the monk body and initiates the Institute of Language and Cultural Studies in Bhutan.

Visit the Memorial Chorten in Thimphu. This Stupa was built by the Great Queen Mother of Bhutan in memory of the Late Third King of Bhutan. Almost all locals of Thimphu come to circumbulate this Stupa.

Afternoon: Visit the Takin Zoo. Takin is the National Animal of Bhutan,and this animal is unique cause it has the head of a goat and the body of a cow. Legend has its own story about how this animal came about, your Guide will narrate to you the awesome story but just in case you want to know from me, then just let me know and I will tell you the legendary tale that happened centuries ago.

Visit the Tashichhodzong. This is the Dzong(Fortress) in Thimphu and houses the administrative office of the Ruling party in Bhutan, The Throne Room for the King and houses the Monastic body of Bhutan headed by the Chief Abbot known as the Je Khenpo in Bhutan.

Evening: Take a stroll to the Handicrafts shops and local farmers market known as the KAJA Throm.

Night in Thimphu

Day 05 : Thimphu and then to Paro:

After breakfast, continue the sights in Thimphu and after lunch drive to Paro Valley. If time permits visit the Paro sights like the Rinpung Dzong , and the Taa Dzong which is now the National Museum of Bhutan.

Night in Paro

Day 06: Paro – Hike to the Taktsang Monastery

Taktsang Monastery is a beautiful Monastery famously and worldwide known as the “Tiger’s Nest Monastery”. The name is so, as the Guru Rimpoche (Gure Padmasambhava) in the 8th century flew on the back of a tigress to the cliffs here and meditated here on these cliffs. The Tigress was his favorite consort Khandum Yeshey Tshokey who was transformed into the Tigress.

This Tiger’s Nest Monastery is perched and over hangs on a cliff at about 900meters height. Spine chilling but beautiful view and worth the effort of visiting this Monastery.

The hike takes a maximum of 2 hours uphill and about 1.5 hours downhill even for an average walker.

After the Taktsang Hike, take a drive to the once Ruined but rebuilt to its former glory, the Ancient Drugyel Dzong. Drugyel Dzong is also known as the Victory Fortress. From here you will have clear view of the Mount Jumolhari, the Goddess Mountain.

Night in Paro.

Day 07: Depart Bhutan:

You will be seen off from the Paro International Airport, and will depart Bhutan with fond memories and we wish you a safe journey back home, and hope to meet again someday.