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Motor Biking

Bhutan is a very beautiful place for outdoor touring on Motor Bikes. The sky is clear, can be overcast during the monsoon rains, air is pure and clean and the trails and roads are winding, passing through wilderness and blissful nature all around. Bhutan Jewel Travel Operate such tours so that the adventurous and nature loving tourists can enjoy their time in Bhutan.

Motor Biking is truly an adventure in Bhutan, as Bhutan roads are narrow and meanders up and down sooner than you expect the next curve or bend. You will pass by many untouched villages and typical Bhutanese homes and will meet quite a few of the villagers doing their daily chores.

On off road adventure, the state of the roads is unknown as it will change with the weather. Probably Bikers will also cross by abandoned village homes that would look like some deserted cowboy movie set.

Motor Biking Tours:

This tour is more for the two wheeler adventurist who love and live adventure and on the face feel of raw thrill.

Enjoy every ride through straight roads, winding roads, high passes, through villages, rural towns, and lonely roads, all in one and in harmony with nature.

Biking is an adventure as we are at the mercy of mother nature, the very reason why it’s so thrilling.

Bhutan has the most beautiful roads although a bit narrow. While riding you pass by and enjoy nature in all its forms, meet local people and you can stop wherever you please.

Motor Biking Tours in Bhutan take the same and similar road as the vehicles and stay overnight in designated places of night halts. The Biking Tours are similar to the Bhutan Cultural Tours, except that you will be riding a Bike instead of sitting in a car.

Then we have the Off Road day trips where you can camp at designated places for a night out gazing up at the stars.

CLOTHES: We advise Riders to wear layered clothes as the weather changes within short distances.

Bhutan Traffic Rules: In Bhutan, all vehicles and two wheelers have to ply on left hand side of the road. So get used to this rule as its most safe on bends where accidents can be avoided.