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Fishing in Bhutan

Fishing in Bhutan is a recreational activity and many locals fish, although we have strict laws governing this activity.

Fishing shall be strictly prohibited:
(a) during the months of November and December every year in all Trout Waters and
during the months of June, July and August every year in all Mahseer Waters;
(b) on 8th, 15th, and 30th day of each Bhutanese calendar month;
(c) on First Sermon and Descending Day of Lord Buddha;
(h) during night from sunset to sunrise.
(i) Notwithstanding anything contained in section 393(6)(f) and (g), non-Bhutanese
anglers shall be allowed for recreational fishing during Chhogthhruel Dawa and
Saga Dawa in the High-end recreational fishing sites and it shall be restricted to catch
and immediate release of all fish caught.
(7)(f) snagging the fish with large treble hooks and spearing.
The following area shall constitute prohibited fishing sites and fishing shall be
(a) within 500 meters on either side of a Monastery or a Dzong;
(b) within 500 meters of major public infrastructures as deemed important in the
locality such as an Airport, School, Stadium and institution;
(c) within a municipal boundary of Thromde or Yenlag Thromde; and
(d) within any waterbody designated as an important conservation area by the
(e) In the lakes.
Release or introduction of any non-native or exotic fish species into the water body
shall be prohibited.
Release of any hatchery-bred native fish species into the waterbody shall be
Taking of fish alive under the Daily Harvest Limit shall be prohibited.
Possession of Golden Mahseer Tor putitora shall be prohibited.
Fishing shall be strictly prohibited without a valid fishing permit.
Restricted Activity
394(21) Harvesting of NWFP from and fishing in the core zone of the Protected Area;
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Fishing from any waterbody for the purpose of rearing, stocking, and production.